What I believe Christianity was meant to be is what I see in you. I feel that you demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance to all. Even in disagreement you show love and respect. My spiritual and higher self has and will always love you for this. You mean a lot to this wild world of ours. Thank you for being!

Suzanne King-Gaidelis

Prescott, Arizona

Bless you, Paisley-and what a lovely name!

Olivia Hussey

Los Angeles, California

"There's this guy, Paisley Yankolovich, that used to perform at this coffee shop in downtown Glendale. I always found it interesting. He was very religious, yet rebellious... and I liked his vocal style... which is what I'm mimicking in this Animals cover."

A very talented gentleman, Wyatt Albin (Glendale, AZ) recorded and posted a song a while back in my visual and vocal style as a sweet tribute. Even the song itself speaks my heart. Here's the link.

I love your ministry and your heart. You are no wimp, my friend!

Shelly James

Anchorage, Alaska


You are a kind voice in the wilderness, Paisley. I wish you the best!

Tim Redding

New York, New York

You have taken hardship and have made it hope!

Rory James

Fargo, North Dakota

(Re: Liberal Souls): WOW! That was not what I expected or the noisy rock I usually get sent but I like it a LOT! The combo of a-capella, spoken word, singing, spirituals, loops, acoustic guitars-all fit together and work for me. Nice to slip in a little Eurythmics too. Good work and keep it up!

Jeff Dahl

Honolulu, Hawaii

Excellent sermon, one of the best Father's day teachings I have heard.

Kenneth Pearcey

Morristown, Arizona

Paisley, you are a one of a kind love machine, a butterfly minister and disco terrorist with the sweetest of spirits!

Christopher Hollis

Phoenix, Arizona

Paisley, you teach me about forgiveness every day. I hope to someday be where you are at. Thank you!

Tamara Zemlyn

Oxnard Beach, California

God has blessed us in so many ways, one of which is knowing you and your ministry. You love for all of us is so Christ-like. It just bubbles over into the world!

Michael Smith

Topeka, Kansas

I listened to your CD, HELL on the way to church this morning. The lyrical content was superb. Poetic brilliance! Thank you!

Roy Zartman

Norwalk, California

I just finished listening to FORCED WITNESS. You spoke your heart with such genuine love for your son and heavenly Father. I am at a loss for words.

Lois Waite

Freedom, California

Wow! Blown away! Blessings!

Michael St. Michaels

Long Beach, California

Cool tunes, excellent performances, and a ton of personality!

Scott Kempner

Montecito, California

Your "One Minute Bible Boost" videos show that you really do care about 'feeding the sheep'. Keep it up!

Tony Prince

Phoenix, Arizona

If there was someone like you in my life when I was young, I would have been much better off and a much better person through it all.

Amanda Heeren

Crawford, Georgia

Thank you for being our True North.

Tamara Zemlyn

Oxnard Beach, California


You are one of the most cherished humans that I have yet to meet face to face. Just know that I follow you and I both respect and draw strength and inspiration from your posts, your life by example and your thoughtful messages. I love you!

Peter Graves Roberts

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Paisley, you have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all the help you gave me back in Phoenix. I don't think I would have made it clear of the half life I was living there if I hadn't met you. Your activism in reaching out to the forgotten people is a great part of why I am doing the things I am today. Love you brother.

James R. Lucero

Riverside, California


Keep up the creative, artistic work! So reminds me of John and Yoko! Bless you!

Ron Rayo

Phoenix, Arizona

Your music is challenging and amazing. I really listened and it's powerful. And beautiful. I am absolutely a follower of you and your ministry. And of all the people you will touch. And maybe heal a little bit.  

God bless you, Paisley!

Kristi Kawas

Los Angeles, California

I spent 3 1/2 hours last night watching your sermons on your website and couldn't tear myself away. Can't wait to see you minister in person!

Joe Simone
Phoenix, Arizona

(Great blog and great Paisley mention!)

Tony Prince

Phoenix, Arizona

I listened to your new CD, DOWN, today. It's some of your edgier stuff. Touched on all my emotions from happy, sad, angry, totally elated... Keep it up!

Mary Schick

Las Vegas, Nevada

What sexy, fun songs!

Steven Fales

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have started viewing your YouTube biography... just did a bit of Part 1 yesterday. Interesting learning more about you.  You are truly a unique person and a blessing to those you serve.

Alex Joncas

Chandler, Arizona

I've yet to meet anyone that shows the light of God in such a raw, dark, & hilarious perspective.

Angeli Wesson

Phoenix, Arizona

You are one in a million, Paisley. You epitomize what the Gospel is all about-seriously!

Ingrid Silveria

Toronto, Canada

I LOVE eccentric people... and like to consider myself to BE one... although, I can also blend in with the norm... but I believe in going against the humdrum whenever reasonably possible... and one artist I always respected, who certainly does so, is you, Paisley. I used to watch you dance around in dresses and perform your unique, Christian-based music in front of coffee shops in my dad’s neighborhood... and someone just informed me last night that I’m going to be getting a thank you mention on your new album! HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!? (pretty darn cool in MY book at least...)

Wyatt Albin

Glendale, Arizona

I am truly sorry for the loss of your son. I have a friend who lost his son in a drunk driving accident. His FB rants have turned angry and scary after the initial posts of grief and loss. He has no God in his life and in fact believes less now than ever. I can clearly see the difference in personalities between you and him. I can further see what lack of faith and forgiveness can do to a person. You are being eaten alive too, but you accept it and know of a higher plane of existence. I wish I could help my friend but all I can do is applaud you.

Robert Goldie

South Amboy, New Jersey

(Photo comment)

Paisley, you are like a silent film star!

Robert Steinhilber

Cottage Grove, Oregon

While organized Christianity has drawn me away from God, you have brought me closer.

El Roy

Fullerton, California

(Re: Invest In Your Christian Education)

Wonderful! You are so informative, loving and fun. I hope to see future YouTube sermons.

Dorothy Buckelew

Golden Valley, Arizona

I would like to show you support, Paisley! You never let society define you. Instead you try to define society and use a message of universal love and acceptance and let the haters hate and just keep going. You lost someone you loved more than life and still kept going. You are strong and amazing and if people were more like you, the world would be a better place. I just want you to know that people notice, I notice. Your message of love reaches many and I hope you continue to spread your word of love. I'm proud to know you.

Kaitlyn Mary Grace

Phoenix, Arizona


Paisley, I am so grateful you exist. You are a blessing! Thank you for helping to heal my heart of wounds caused by ignorant, suffering-filled "Christians." I love you, keep going!

Shaun Klein

Phoenix, Arizona

I can only aspire to reach the level of purpose you have found.

Felix Alanis

Simi Valley, California

I read your testimony in an obscure web article. From there, I reached out to you. Your response was a changing of the guard for me.

Michael Howarth

Sunland, California

Why can't all Christians be like Paisley?

Rick Rice

Macon, Georgia

Paisley, you are kind and loving and spiritual and talented.

Michael Ely

Oro Valley, Arizona

I love every track on PUNK CHRIST so much! Love the original songs and the updated covers. Your version of "The Little Drummer Boy" is the best version I've ever heard. Always thought it had a punk vibe and you proved that brilliantly. You are in great voice throughout and it's just a joy to listen to.

P.S. "Kimberly" is incredible!

Keith Harris

San Francisco, California

Your PUNK CHRIST album is the best Christian Punk out there. Raw, no compromise. I bet it appeals to those who do not already know Jesus.


Phoenix, Arizona

This scripture really sums up what we witnessed on January 11 this year when we came to see you play. "One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the Kingdom of God come?” Jesus replied, “The Kingdom of God can’t be detected by visible signs. You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you. ” (Luke 17:20, 21 NLT)" It's amazing when you start noticing the Kingdom of God walking among us!

Diane DiCarlo

Minneapolis, Minnesota


I greatly enjoy your music and am catching up with all the videos on YouTube. Thanks for sharing this great content!

Kel Alyea

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Your version of "Cat Scratch Fever" on "Typhoid Mary" is ingenious!

Jerry S. Gruzenski

Medford, Oregon

The most positive thing I've seen about Christianity is Paisley Yankolovich. The religion has been used in so many negative ways throughout its existence. It is refreshing to see it used in a different perspective, untwisting the dogma and prejudice, love and light shine through! I love you Paisley, you have given me a new perspective on humans.


Audrey Watco-Lind

Queen Valley, Arizona

Thank you for your continually significant work. Phoenix needs more Paisleys.


Aaron Hopkins-Johnson

Lawn Gnome Publishing

Phoenix, Arizona

As I watched your video, I was moved to tears by the depth of your love for your son.  The impact of your son's short life cannot be measured in the time he was with us but in the impact his life will have on the Kingdom of God. 

Pastor Rick Warren

Lake Forest, California


I loved your show tonight. It said so much in such a unique and moving way. The message of Jesus' love rings through.

Michael Frisckstad

Saint Michael, Minnesota

You are one of the best advocates for JC that I know!

Page The Village Idiot

Phoenix, Arizona

I enjoy hearing your heart and mind. Great voice too!

Tyler Huston

Nashville, Tennessee



Thank you for your amazingly honest CD!

Glenn Samuels

Los Angeles, California

Great voice!

Cherie Currie

Chatsworth, CA

"You can't see that you're just a puppet for the one who can't repent..."

Your words de-clutter faith.

John C. Nass

Harrisburg, IL

Your music lifts me!

Jenny Lens

Santa Monica, CA

Paisley Yankolovich performing... That's a rare and marvelous occurrence you

might wanna catch.

Julie Peterson

Phoenix New Times

Paisley Yankolovich is unlike any other performer in the Valley...maybe the
entire universe. And that's not meant as a slight in any fashion.
Benjamin Leatherman
Phoenix New Times

LOVE IT! Love the Lucy/Peanuts get up!

Maria McKee

Los Angeles, California

You're quite the creative one, Paisley!

Sally Kirkland

Los Angeles, California

Always a pleasure to have an encounter with the Jesus that doesn't suck.

Dave Morris

Phoenix, Arizona

Hypocritical asshole.

Jayne County

Atlanta, Georgia 

(From Paisley: I'm a huge fan, you are a huge influence on my art, I even wrote a song about you! You are sadly blinded by the very rage that fuels my ministry and you handled this matter like an idiot. But I will love you forever.)


Thanks for the CD.  I hope you sell an additional 2 million copies!

Victoria Shaw

Nashville, Tennessee

Light in the darkness ... that is Paisley's ministry. In this era where darkness seems to be growing all the time, we need people like Paisley who boldly proclaim the reality of Christ. Paisley's is the most unique ministry I've ever supported and ever seen. The people Paisley ministers to need to know about a God tough enough to reach into their darkness and change their lives.

Tanya Manus

Rapid City, South Dakota

I just wanted you to know how much I loved seeing you perform the other night.  You are a creative, courageous, tenacious performer who leaves it all right there on the stage.  I know not everyone appreciates it or gets it, sometimes I feel a little out of it myself, but you move forward one performance at a time. I have watched you for almost 8 years and you, my friend, are perseverance personified!

Lois Waite

Bakersfield, California

You have a remarkable voice!! Strong and vibrant, with a great stage presence!! You ruled tonight!!!

Bob Esty

West Hollywood, California

I listened to your cd today. I really enjoyed it-which is quite a complement coming from a Jewish atheist!

Sam Fibish

West Hollywood, California

Sister Rosetta and Blind Willie put through the '77 filter... Cool!

Kels Koch

Million Sellers

Nasville, Tennessee

You are amazingly profound and enlightened. Your (blog) writing is at once rational and kind. I LOVE your style! Please write a book.

Vallie Dodge

Phoenix, Arizona

(From Paisley: My blogs are my book. )

Paisley is one of the preeminent characters in the Phoenix art scene. He doesn't compromise his beliefs, his art, and he makes no apologies. Creative types could learn a lot from him. We all could.

The Trunk Space

Phoenix, Arizona

I love your sermons! I can finally relate religion to my life!

Stan Hauge

Marion, Indiana


Thank you delivering your testimonial. I know it is hard to carry a cross
> on a long, lonely hill.

Thank you delivering your testimonial. I know it is hard to carry a cross on a long, lonely hill.

Lou Schwarcz

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Paisley must be Phoenix's most unique act: Glam and Gospel filtered through a real Punk viewpoint!

The Trunk Space

Phoenix, Arizona

Responding to your CD... A totally intense work which I can see is an ordered composition. Lots of blood and Christmas tidings mashed in together. I can see why you are both a controversial and meaningful voice in Contemporary Gospel.

Elaine Barkin

North Hollywood, CA

I appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the conversation about my book ("The Cross In The Closet"). Much love...

Timothy Kurek

Tacoma Washington

Your voice is remarkable!

Bob Esty

West Hollywood, California

Paisley Yankolovich: The Spiritual Ethyl Merman of Goth Hymns!

Joseph Anthony Goodwin

Hollywood, California

Just wanted you to know... You glisten with charisma and you always have. You are bold and brave and are following your dreams. I hope you felt the love at your show last night.

Susan Hayden

Santa Monica, California

Thank you for such a wonderful evening getting to listen to your powerful talent. Seeing you and your performance went straight to my heart!

Susan Andrews

Tarzana, California

You know how to command the stage or any performance space. And you certainly do make an entrance! You are always a delight and a ray of sunshine to watch and listen to.  Love you!

LeeAnn Nelson

Halifax, Nova Scotia

I've been listening to your stuff on CD and watching your stuff on Facebook-very filling. You fill the stage with movement and emotions. You are a gifted artist. 


Charlie Pontrelli

Newport Coast, California

Awesome to see someone entertaining and preaching the "weird". I'd love to see you live sometime. I love all the lines you are crossing. Beautifully irreverent. 

Tim Leitch

aka Spit Stix

Portland, Oregon

I worked with you years ago. I am so incredibly proud of you! Your drive was always on 250 while most rockers are barely approaching the runway at 90 and never take flight. You are soaring, Paisley! Heard a song of yours on the radio a couple of years ago. I recognized your voice instantly. I was pumping gas and the station had their radio blasting. You sound MASTERFUL!

Mark Lee

Hollywood, California

(From Paisley: I dedicated THE SEX SONG to this incredible influence on my life and art on LEADING HORSES)


Best to you in your awesome music ministry! I know you are reaching a lot of people for the Lord.


Michael W. Smith

Franklin, Tennessee

Just listened to "Punk Christ!" Loved it! Great job! I like that we can sing and dance to it. God blessed you with a wonderful new record!


Eileen Dieterich

Phoenix, Arizona

  1. We had an awesome time last night! You were simply amazing! We could see everyone was rockin' out to your inspired music. God has truly blessed you with talent and love.

    Jeff Nelson
    Anthem, Arizona

(Re: a Cha Cha post) What difference does it make if he is gay or straight? He is Paisley, one of the most sincere, devoted and loving people I know. I wouldn't care if he had a donkey head or a monkey's butt. If he was Paisley I'd love him just as much! I'm Agnostic. However, I sometimes go to his sermon/Broadway show/rock performance/free food/get together just to support him emotionally and make a little monetary donation for all the good he does. 

Ginny Poladian

Phoenix, Arizona

Brother Paisley... Your website rocks and so do you!

Jim Wille

Schereville, Indiana

Paisley, your "Love Me Forever-You Want Me So Badly" blog was one of the nicest things I've read about 9/11. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you...

Ed Wolfe

Phoenix, AZ

We need more of the "fringe" faithful like you Paisley, I.E. Non-mainstream. Thanks for helping me keep a little faith in stock, as opposed to painting all the faithful with broad brushstrokes due to judgment backed by ill-read Scripture. Love on ya!

Randy Sandoval

Sacramento, CA



Thank you for letting me see your show. It was not at all what I was expecting, but I found it and the surrounding situation surreal, and I'm glad I experienced it. 

Tony S.

Spring Hill, Florida



I'm grateful to know you. You are a wonderful role model for Christians.

Vallie Dodge

Phoenix, Arizona

I got your CD. I'll never be the same. 

Bill Lee Maltba

Ashville, North Carolina

Hey thanks for sending me that fabulous CD for my birthday! Not only was it very enjoyable, but my houseguest HATED it, and it made him leave 2 days early because I kept playing it. Yay!!

Bill Bonifay

Los Angeles, CA


It's rare that I meet someone who leaves me examining my values and beliefs, but you did just that. And that's a good thing... We should never stop evaluating ourselves. I have always detested bigotry and have always tried to avoid lumping people into stereotypes. I found out today that I can be just as guilty of it as anyone else and you showed me in a way that didn't feel like a sledge hammer, just a gentle wake up.


Phoenix, Arizona

Everything you do has been uplifting and truly makes my heart sing.

Paul Moberg

Northfield, Minnesota

Paisley made his entrance wearing a long black dress with laced up boots, his hair pulled back sort of in a kabuki style and wearing red lipstick and dark eyeliner. It was just him and a guitar, and after introducing himself, he opened by singing the Bowie song “Kooks.” Paisley has an amazing voice, very commanding and for the next hour he took us on a musical journey (performing his planned set in reverse) which included songs about Jesus and the devil (as well as an awesome cover of an early Patti Smith song), occasionally stopping to share little anecdotes and testimonials, and ending with an audience participation song “Little Drummer Boy.” At times Paisley was intense and other times he seemed very vulnerable, yet he seemed always in control. He was everything I expected and more.

Michael Ely

Oro Valley, Arizona

I am very impressed by your mix of Christianity and secular imaging, and your mix of hope and at the same time a very introspective despairing rhetoric.

Louis Schwarcz

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Anyone who wants to sing the Sh'ma and Jumpin' Jack Flash back to back is alright with me.


Marvin Etzioni

Los Angeles, CA

One by one, large or small, you ARE reaching people for Jesus......

Ed Wolfe

Phoenix, AZ

Loved your performance! I'm obsessed!

Kori Evans

Mesa, Arizona

You rock, in my opinion.

Jack W. Harper
Arizona State Representative


(Re: Blog) You write as well as you compose, produce and sing.

Robert Goldie

Howell, New Jersey



Donell McDonell

Scottsdale, Arizona

Well-done, my multi-talented, off the charts creative friend! I love the colors, the layout--very clean, neat, and professional! I am not a web master but I know when something looks good and has visual appeal. You've scored! xoxo

Lois Waite

Bakersfield, California

Paisley’s music, message, and ministry touches hearts in a way that cuts through much of the pretense and hype associated with more “acceptable” and “traditional” approaches.

I’m not a professional musician or performer - I’m a youth pastor. As a pastor of teenagers, I will say this: I have seen the Holy Spirit move in extremely personal and intimate ways through Paisley’s ministry to our kids. The Lord has touched lives in ways that I’ve been unable to reach and has drawn in kids that would normally feel out of place or excluded from typical church activity.

I’ve watched Paisley respond to the Lord’s prompting and direction with grace and humility both during times of ministry and in preparation for his time with our youth group. There is genuine depth and tenderness at the core of Paisley’s approach. He’s respectful, honest, blunt, challenging, and trustworthy. The Lord has used Paisley to stretch me in my walk with Him

Cliff Roberts, Youth Pastor

New Life Fellowship

Barstow, California




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