I’ve never been much of a fence-rider. Too much of an extremist for that, I suppose.  As I get ready to embark on my next musical venture, I reflect with bittersweet nostalgia upon my past musical identities. Here’s how I described my work in press releases...

“Not Unclean” (2004) : A 70s-style, bubble gum/glam rock Gospel record.

“Itch” (2005): Not Unclean” goes to hell.

“Does God Sleep?” (2006) : 10 songs about things Christians are not supposed to sing about.

“Real Man” (2007): Punk disco?  A total pop record infused with 80s New Wave. 

“Displaced” (2007): A song for the homeless partnered with two of my best compositions.

“Zombies” (2007):  Three-Chord-Rock assault on the Church and how it’s treated minority and fringe groups.

“When Love Dies” (2008): Techno ballads with more than a hint of 70s Hippy Rock.

“Leading Horses” (2008): Industrial Gospel at its angriest.

“Burn In Hell” (2009):  A pastiche of all the styles that have come before backed by tribal loops.

“Love Me Forever” (2009): My only album of “cover” songs. Heck, I even cover some of my own!

“Monsters” (2010): Dark acapella show tunes.

Yep. I’m not even sure the “Monsters” guy has even met the “Not Unclean” guy and if they did meet, if they’d even get along.  I’m not sure I even care. I’ve spent the better part of the decade doing what I believed God called me, no, created me to do. I have never looked back except to bring some songs along for future rides.

It should come as no surprise that I have two almost-completed records about to be released (“High Risk Sexual Behavior” and “Psychotic”) that are wildly different than each other.  Nor should it be shocking that for the next song cycle I’m moving in a different direction: Puck Rock For Solo Voice & Electric Guitar.

That even makes ME laugh!

Actually, the new press release puts it in a clearer context. Or does it?

“Gospel’s darkest messenger, Paisley Yankolovich, jumps tracks again with his latest song cycle, a ferocious mix of punk, rockabilly and 70’s-style garage rock done as performance art for ministry.

Unpredictable, unexpected and unrivaled in his ability to showcase honed musical talent and the freedom that comes from knowing the True and Living God, Paisley Yankolovich seamlessly combines elements of culture, tradition and total abandon in artistic expression, praise, worship and evangelism. Your religion will never be the same" (Cory Daniels, The Non-Existent Press) 

 No dresses, no operatic wails, no tracks, no rules.  Standing on fences? I don’t think so, no.




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