Since the advent of the internet, my ministry has changed, grown, flourished and taken so many shapes and directions. It’s as if technology was timed to benefit the work of the do-it-yourself artist/preacher and I’m its luckiest recipient. While the numbers may fluctuate (or simply decline) here in Phoenix, my downloads and video hits continue to soar due to the ability to reach audiences all over the world despite our present economy which prohibits extensive touring- save for a select few.

But alas, such luxury comes with a price: cyber stalking.  Cyber stalking, cyber bashing, cyber manipulation and just plain bad manners. People say things via chat, instant messaging, Facebook posts, emails, text messages, voice mail, etc that they’d never get away with to our faces. What a shame this is as it’s only in our direct, meek but heartfelt communication that change can occur.

But for some, change is not the objective. Destruction is.

I currently have a handful of cyber stalkers. I know, don’t give them the spotlight but today’s their lucky day. Meddling in my on-line affairs, assuming false identities to entrap me, spreading rumors and lies, making veiled and unveiled threats. Ha! I must be a celebrity after all. But what one fails to realize is who my Boss is.

More on this later.

Cyber bashers seem to be in high supply as well. These are so-called friends who have no filters when it comes to non-visual or tactile communication. Demands, snide, sarcastic assumptions,  random attacks without provocation…  They may want to Google “The full armor of God” not only to see where my strength, protection and esteem lie but to discover where their weapons and ammo are coming from as well. 

Friends, please don’t write me in a panic. I am well. I had a great Father’s Day. I’m enjoying the challenge of my new musical direction. I’m grateful for the handful of physical and financial support I am receiving here in Phoenix.  My new diet’s working and it’s a new season of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Life is good.

I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to address this tonight after a hateful round of internet sleaze reminded me that while I gather with friends to exalt the True and Living Lord, others gather to demote Him, discount Him and defile and degrade His people. I am writing this as a courtesy to my enemies…

I do not know you (even if we have met), therefore not only do I have no animosity toward you, you do not scare me and will never effect my life, my relationships, my art, my ministry and most of all, my relationship with God. On the contrary. I’ve known Jesus longer than anyone in my “real” life today and we are tight. I know what His voice sounds like and I am not easily deceived or even influenced by many people. Certainly not children in adult bodies who resort to cyber games to accomplish their bidding. I see you as puppets of the most low god: Satan himself-not matter what god you profess-because this is who you currently serve.

I pray for you, my enemies, most of which have been revealed and I encourage anyone who reads this to partner with me in this as Jesus loves them more than they can know.

But I also warn them that when you aggressively seek to hurt, stumble, demean or even have your way with God’s people, you are assaulting Him in the process, you have declared war on Jesus Christ and this is what His word says about that…

Why do the nations rage against the Lord?

He who sits in the heavens will laugh..

The Lord shall hold them in derision…

He shall break them with a rod of iron…

He shall dash them in pieces like clay…


Be instructed, serve the Lord in fear

Kiss the Son-lest He be angry

And you perish in the way.

 (Psalm 2)




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