“That’s right, I’m gambling dreams.
I’m gambling blessings.
I take very good thing God has given to me
And I spit it right back in His face.
Look at me!
I’m in tatters
I’ve been shattered.
Doesn’t matter”

It seems that it’s at the end of the day we do the most reflection, soul searching. Nighttime seems to be the time we recognize our loneliness, our fears. I don’t mean to generalize for all humanity as I speak for myself, so if you are one of those people who can get into bed, alone and not notice, care or begin a frustrating (and oft pointless) bout with introspection, God bless ya.

Our thoughts.
Friend or foe?

A friend of mine has posted on his Facebook, “Perception is everything.” I wish it read, “Perception is the enemy” as I am convinced that when we confuse perception with truth, Truth vanishes. Then there are those who subscribe to, “My Perception =My Truth.” That may be correct but again, the necessity to voice, share and convince others of “our truth” is more often than not a seizure of ego.

Ever scratch your head in dismay to how hard it is for someone else to see your perspective in a debate?  Of course, we all have.  Why can’t see how good this song is? Or this movie? Or sushi? Or..? It seems virtually impossible for us to “get’ that some folks aren’t having and never will have the same experiences as we are.

When I wrote the song, SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHT, it was inspired by my then-current living situation: I was in a bad marriage and was growing closer and closer to the Lord and my partner was growing increasingly abusive. I swapped the genders, made myself the ‘wife” and voila, a song emerged.

Tis the season for preachers to begin reminding churches that we need to get our Christmas heads out of our Christmas butts and spend the holiday sharing the love of Christ with others, concentrating on what He deems important and not getting swept away in consumerism and umpteen trips to Target.

The pressure on every man is so great, always has been. Remember how our fathers were afraid (not interested?) to show emotion? I heard my own son say once that men weren’t supposed to cry. He didn’t learn that from me, the cry baby that I am.

It was when I first began ministering in the gay community that I ran into initials. You know, LGBT, etc. I was saddened that we were not only being reduced to labels but initials of labels. Of course I understand the need to identify and be identified as part of some group or culture (and I mean no disrespect) but my life experience has taught me that we are all extremely complicate and that one label may not suffice-let alone an initial.

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