Typhoid Mary

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Paisley Yankolovich
From the 2013 CD, TYPHOID MARY



A gospel of hate had to be written

It was decreed before my birth

It’s why I climbed the mountain

It’s why I came to Earth


Whatcha gonna do

When I split your soul in two?


A ramshackle old prophet

In the skin of a nubile child

A racketeer raking up the profit

A snake oil salesman gone wild


Who you gonna be

When there’s no room left in me?



I’m Typhoid Mary

Spreading my virus across the land

When history book are written

They’ll say it was with my own hand


I’m Typhoid Mary

My disease will eat your flesh

Cut you open with the smallest words

Don’t worry this is just a test


Don’t worry

Be happy

This is just a test


A gospel of love had to be forgotten

For my existence to occur

So easy for me to cause you lather

To get under your fur


Whatcha gonna do

When I split your soul in two?


A perfect carnal possession

For an achy breaky soul

When I become your obsession

So easy to take control


Who you gonna be

When there’s no room left in me?



You allowed me to erase

Pharaoh, Hitler, Judas, Manson

Everyone you went to high school with

Everyone you said you’d never be like

You’ve become


Typhoid Mary

We’re all Typhoid Mary


Jesus loves you

But then again

So do I




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