I recorded the song The Night Comes (written by my former brother-in-law Brian Tucker) because it’s the best Please Don’t Die Without Jesus song ever written. Today I wish I had a song about the night coming that not only referred to our Final Destination but These Dark Times as well.

I recently posted  a blog about an AC company that rejected my business because of MY lifestyle and THEIR spiritual beliefs. The outpouring of  We Love You Paisley was staggering as was the spread of anger about the rampant bullying of queers in our so-called modern society.

I was sadly stunned about the frequent arguments I had with folks about my “need’ to make it a gay issue instead of an issue-issue (y’know, this happens to everyone in every walk of life, why just single-out the gays?)

Susan Olsen (“The Brady Bunch”) revealed on Facebook that she “liked” a gay teen suicide prevention page and countless idiots jumped on her for only supporting gay teen suicide prevention as opposed to plain ole teen suicide prevention. Outrageous! Are we such a lukewarm, politically-correct society that we actually attack people for supporting the causes closest to their hearts?

One woman wrote me and told me that I had to make peace with the bigot because we all have a God-given right to be ignorant and learn as we go. Does this apply to the rapist? The pedophile? Then how come it applies to the bully? The bigot? The fool who is actually harming others?

Of course we need to always seek forgiveness and reconciliation. In everything.  But that is not an excuse to be useless. To avoid action based on a goo-goo-muck spiritual philosophy which is merely laziness posing as purpose is a sin.

Stop the bully. Tell the fool to shut up. Lock up the pedophiles.  Duh.

Love em to Jesus after they’ve been subdued.

When the night comes, be prepared with the Light. And never ever use something spiritual to excuse the arrogance of flesh. If you want to hide in the dark and let countless people live and die without knowing that God not only loves them but is willing to fight for them, fine.

But don’t expect me to do the same. And don’t expect me to make up some spiritual psycho-babble excuse in your honor. Cuz I got my own Light  to deal with. 

And this little light of mine…




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