Forced Witness

In the first weeks after my son died, I wrote this piece. I make no apologies. Even for performance, recording, video, and lyric errors. It's raw and real, like my experience. The closing song was co-written by my son. When he was eleven.


c/p 2017

Released April 6, 2017

Written, performed, produced, recorded, and designed by Paisley Yankolovich


  1. Forced Witness (Part One) (4:32)

  2. Forced Witness (Part Two) (4:56)

  3. Forced Witness (Part Three) (4:31)

  4. Forced Witness (Part Four) (4:24)

  5. Forced Witness (Part Five) (4:50)

  6. Forced Witness (Part Six) (4:57)

  7. Trampin' 2017 (3:11)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, and Molle

The Animals: Ace and Johnny

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Michael Frickstad, Diane DiCarlo, Dorothy Buckelew, Obadiah Madsen, Shaun Klein, Carol Shaw, Sabrina Brumley, Dani Robinson, Lisa Mueller, Lois Waite, Ken Welch, Robert Moulthrop, and James Coffman

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