Hotter Than Your Mamma

It was actually hearing the Sparks song on the radio that inspired me to do this collection. Here are songs that I love and songs that I've written that had previously not found a home. This was an extremely fun project from start to finish!


c/p 2014

Released: August 23, 2014

Composed, Performed, and Produced By Paisley Yankolovich

CD Art: Paisley Yankolovich

Recorded by Don Maloney in Surprise, AZ


  1. Sodomy (:46)

  2. Gratuitous Nudity (:37)

  3. Music That You Can Dance To (2:21)

  4. Big Spender (2:00)

  5. Place 4 My Heart (2:12)

  6. Ticket To Ride (2:36)

  7. Amazed & Confused (1:44)

  8. Good Movie (It's Like A) (2:08)

  9. Will It Go Round (1:54)

  10. Eight Line Poem (1:06)

  11. I Don't Care (1:46)

  12. All Quiet On The Western Front (3:17)

  13. Sleeping With The Light (3:18)

  14. Hot Water Days (2:29)

  15. Leading Horses (1:56)

  16. Bullshit (3:44)

  17. Firestarter (1:08)

  18. Partners In Crime (2:23)

  19. Day By Day (:32)

  20. Great Balls Of Fire (1:16)

  21. Everything's Alright (1:37)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks):

The Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco & Molle

The Animals: Ace & Johnny

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Lois Waite, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Jeff Harrell, Michael Frickstad, Diane DiCarlo and Tim Justice

Russell & Ron Mael, you have supplied a lifetime of influence!

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