This was a concept I have been circling around for many years: a descent into a hell of one's own making. Gently related to TYPHOID MARY, this brief trip down the rabbit hole gave me nightmares. To be continued...


c/p 2016

Released September 1, 2016

Composed, performed, produced, recorded, and designed by Paisley Yankolovich


  1. Hell (3:40)

  2. Zit Face (1:39)

  3. Young & Beautiful (4:03)

  4. Moses (I) (2:12)

  5. Won't U Deliver Me? (2:19)

  6. Hell (II) (3:02)

  7. Good Night (2:55)

  8. Witch Hunting (1:28)

  9. Sad (2:55)

  10. Zit Face (Reprise) (:51)

  11. Carcass (2:42)

  12. Hell (III) (1:29)

  13. Moses (II) (2:06)

  14. (Bonus) Let My People Go (3:18)

A Word About Angels (Heartfelt Thanks)

The Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The Kids: Chelsea, Frisco, and Molle

The Animals: Ace and Johnny

Special Thanks: Jerry Dieterich, Eileen Dieterich, Ed Wolfe, Craig Walker, Barbara Walker, Jeff Harrell, Michael Frickstad, Diane DiCarlo, Dorothy Buckelew, Obadiah Madsen, Angeli Wesson, Alexandria Wetzel, Gayle Brumley, and Shaun Klein

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