1. Ticket To Ride

From the recording Ticket To Ride


I did a concert in Tucson, Arizona
With a band called, Ticket To Ride
I started singing that Beatles’ song
And the kids didn’t get the joke

Where the hell has our culture gone
When we’re naming our bands after Beatles’ songs?
And we don’t even know we’re doing it
I think I'm gonna be sad

I’m hardly a Beatles fan
But I had to take notice when John Lennon died
Who was this superstar
Who suddenly bought his Ticket To Ride?

Am I gonna see Lennon in heaven`
Cause all he wanted was for us to give peace a chance?
And it makes my heart skip a beat
I think I’m gonna be sad

Speaking of rock stars spouting of profundities
Eric Clapton said there’s no tears in heaven
But Jesus said there was and He’s gonna be the one
To be wiping them from our eyes

Eric Clapton’s son fell from a multi-story window
And that just makes me mad
I think I’m gonna be sad

I think my first day in heaven
Will be like my first day at school
I can’t wait to get on that bus
But it won’t be a ride without you

Heaven won’t be heaven without you, baby
Now, here’s your ticket to ride.