1. Jesus' Eyes II

From the recording Jesus' Eyes II


I saw myself driving by
I was headed down the highway
In this one-highway town
I didn’t turn to wave
I simply ignored me

I saw myself on television
Yes, on some reality show
The volume was turned down
“Cause what I was saying
Wasn’t all that important
So, I simply ignored me.

There are some places I hope I never see me

Who Are We anyway?
Who Are We kidding?
What would we see if we saw ourselves
In Jesus’ eyes?

I saw myself in someone’s vision
Actually it was a nightmare
I was their worst nightmare
Because they were becoming just like me
But I woke up screaming
And they felt so much better
And simply ignored me

I saw myself in a hospital
Laying in a soiled bed of my own making
It still felt wrong
I asked, “Where is my family?”
“Where are my friends?”
“Why are you ignoring me?”

I guess, there are some places I would never see you