1. Hands & Feet

From the recording Hands & Feet


Who’s still crucifying?
I thought that work was already done
Yet a part of me is dying
I sleep and my Hands & Feet go numb
It’s no wonder that I carry this cross
I’ve a long, long way to go
My Hands & Feet wanna see me lost
The Bible tells me so
Bitter & sweet, Hands & Feet
Wicked and sublime
Sin indiscreet, Hands & Feet
Trip me up every time
Hand in the fire
On purpose my flesh seeks to find
Foot in the mouth
Pluck my eyes out and make me blind
It’s like a drug taking over my life
There’s a fire in my soul
Bare feet meet hand holding knife
My mind’s out of control
Take to the street, Hands & Feet
Commit another crime
Your sweat tastes sweet, Hands & Feet
I’m running out of time
Who’s still crucifying?
I thought this work was already done