Outstretched hands and wanton eyes...

Seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about God. Goodness, Oprah spent  her entire hour confusing the world by combining several different spiritual philosophies into quite the witch’s brew.

So it shall be, for your vanity…

After 28 years of being a believer and after 28 years of hearing folks scream, “We’re living in End Times,” I turn on CNN and I see how even the weather has turned into a weapon of mass destruction and I’m well are that it’s not just the temperature climate that has changed. People have changed. People want answers and are so desperate for them (especially in this economy) that they will listen to everyone and everything that sounds cozy, comfy, safe and hopeful.


Oprah’s telling the world that if we just think positive and do nice things for people we will ultimately bring success and enlightenment our way. And eventually become God in the process.  This is simply not true. While doing good works is exactly that-doing good works, it does not make us God or even Christ-like. Jesus taught and gave parables and lived the example of a perfect life but this is meant to show us how to live AFTER restitution is made (Jesus’ death) and accepted (our new birth).

It is in Christ’s death and resurrection that we are able to receive the power that raised Him from the dead (the Holy Spirit) that makes it even possible to mimic His example and fulfill His teachings.  Without recognition of our need for and provision of a Savior we are just stealing aspects of His life and reconstructing them to suit our own carnal desires. 

Again, vanity.

Jesus’ life is not for our vulturing. He is and always will be all or nothing. HE said that. Our strongest (and most dangerous) so-called spiritual leaders (including and currently, especially Oprah) love to throw His name around, and create catch-phrases like “Christ consciousness” and deceive many by saying that his death was insignificant but it is His word that tell us that there is no other name under heaven that man can be saved and it is through recognition and confession of His death and resurrection and only through recognition of His death and resurrection can we once and for all have right relationship with God.

It’s good to help a neighbor, even give them a shiny new car. But it doesn’t make you God, doesn’t make you like God, doesn’t bring you closer to God and if you are running around telling people otherwise, teaching people that it’s by our good works and positive thinking that we become God-like…

So it shall be, for your vanity.

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